Terms and Conditions

CONDITIONS OF SALE: Form of Payment: Certified funds. All sales are final. Items may be returned for account credit only.

MAIL ORDER SALES: Three day inspection upon receipt of the merchandise. Account credit only on returned items that exceed the three day time limit. All refunds will be processed within thirty days commencing upon receipt of the returned item. All returned items must be received in unaltered condition. We require notification by telephone of any item being returned, and must occur within the three day time limit. All funds must be received within five day sunless prior arrangements have been made. No cash refunds, account credit only on discounted items.

LAY-AWAY: On items in excess of $2500.00 we offer a 60 day lay-away plan with terms of one third down, one third in 30 days, and the balance due in 60 days. No cash refunds on lay-away items. Returns and cancellations will be credited to your account. Individual arrangements are possible on certain terms. We are unable to offer lay-away on consignment items.

CONSIGNMENT: All merchandise consigned at 20% sales commission of “consigned acmount” for a period of not less than 180 days. Roger Bain, Inc. requires 60 days notice in writing of consignment withdrawals. All merchandise sold on consignment and returned toRoger Bain, Inc. for any reason is refundable to Roger Bain, Inc. in full by the consignor. All benefits, proceeds, and trades over and above the “consigned amount” less any commission belong to Roger Bain, Inc. Consignor certifies that all items consigned are his or her legal property, and that the item(s) were legally acquired from a person or entity holding legal title to said items.

WARNING: Purchasers assume all liability contingent to the use of firearms, ammunition, and other merchandise purchased from Roger Bain, Inc. All weapons that are sold as antiques or collector’s items are not guaranteed as safe or in functioning order and are not intended for actual use.

NOTICE: All goods are sold “as is.” There are no warranties of fitness or merchantability, expressed or implied, which extend beyond the description contained in the face thereof. This agreement shall be construed and governed by the law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.